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Blind Dates: A Friendly Chivalry

Sometimes, when dating fails there are trusted friends who are always around to bug you about your life and always there to save you. And sometimes those friends can be the bridge to a new life, a bridge to get to know someone. For sometimes, friends connive to set you up on an unexpected and thrilling date, a blind date. Being a part of a blind date is not that bad; it gives you the excitement and thrill of knowing who you have been set up with and most blind dates actually ended up to be great. Although you’re...

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Best places to find a date

Are you tired of trying to find a date in a club? Ever feel like every club-hookup leads to a one-night-stand? Well, mostly because alcohol is involved in this situations. Pubs are not the best place to meet singles; you don’t get to see the person under its real light. Here is a list of great places that are better for finding a date than discos. • Social networking Have you ever been to a social networking event? It is a place where your only job is to go around and socialize with people. What is the better way...

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Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Date

Assuming you’ve managed to find a date online (or in the traditional way) then one of the most important dates in the romantic calender is creeping up on you and it’s time to think about what to do to make it go with a swing. Traditionally it’s the man who makes the running when setting up Valentines day treats but increasingly women are taking a leading role. We’re presenting a few tips today that should help you out regardless of your gender, but you might recognize that there is a theme to them that normally applies to the failings...

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Best Gifts For Boyfriend This Christmas

What are you planning to give to your boyfriend, this Christmas? Christmas is fast approaching! In just a few weeks, Christmas will come knocking again to our doors. The big question is, do you already have an idea what to give to your boyfriend? This is one of the dilemmas go through when special occasions come. It is just so hard to pick the best gift for our boyfriend. No more worries! We will give you some idea of what gifts are the perfect picks for your boyfriend this Christmas: Drinking Board Game Do you know that there’s such...

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