Blind DateSometimes, when dating fails there are trusted friends who are always around to bug you about your life and always there to save you. And sometimes those friends can be the bridge to a new life, a bridge to get to know someone. For sometimes, friends connive to set you up on an unexpected and thrilling date, a blind date.

Being a part of a blind date is not that bad; it gives you the excitement and thrill of knowing who you have been set up with and most blind dates actually ended up to be great. Although you’re friends may be annoying at times, and you might have second thoughts of going in a blind date yet only they know you. And don’t worry, later on there will be a few tips and advices on how to survive a blind date that you’ve been set up with.

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Surviving a blind date

Going in a blind is such an adventurous experience that you might want to go through once in your life. And if in case it didn’t go on as planned, you can still survive the rest of the night. And if you get too excited, you can always try a few tricks and pry something about your date from your friend. Here are a few tips until the rest of the date:

• Never expect too much. Expectations hurt. Simple as that, just remember that the more you expect, the more you get disappointed. Just think of your blind date as a night out with one of your friends, that’ll keep the excitement down.

• Investigate. Bug your friend who set you up. Get some information, even just a little about your date even though your friend notices that you’re prying something out of them just go ahead, ask about your date, about his or her personality so that you will know what to talk about during dinner.

• Don’t be rude. If you’re going to be late on a date at least let your date know so that he or she won’t look dumb while waiting for you. And if your date is kind of boring or not that much of a fun, still respect that. Just wait for the night to end, be polite until the date is done the very least you can do although deep in your thought you wanted to strangle your friend upside down.

• Keep up with the small talks. Open a conversation that either of you can relate, or talk about anything and everything under the sun, that’ll keep the uneasiness at bay.

• Be honest. Don’t lie about anything just so to keep your date happy and satisfied. Be warm and honest at the same time; remember one lie leads to another. If winning them over is your goal you might keep on going until something happens, what would have happen if things turn did worked out after the date, think about it.

• Tell them what you think after the date. This is the most important thing when you’re dating. Let them know if you wanted to see them or not, don’t leave them hanging, it’s quite rude. visit thewebmasterforums for more…